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Arthur P. Moser, Gruner HVAC Planning of Meret Oppenheim
Hochhaus, Basel – CH, 3 VAPOBLOC, total 90,000 m3/h
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Moisture And Heat Recovery

Clean air is a precious commodity. And contributes significantly to people‘s health and well-being. However, we spend most of our lives in buildings.

In the heating period this means: In the dry heated air. For this reason, many people suffer from a sore throat, from burning eyes or dry skin. When rooms are cooled by air-conditioning, the supply air must be dehumidified. This significantly increases the energy consumption.

The solution: an enthalpy plate exchanger – or in short: the Vapobloc! Its innovative membrane enriches the incoming warm air with moisture from the exhaust air or extracts moisture from the air under hot or tropical conditions. Without transmitting odors, germs, spores and bacteria! The Vapobloc has thus proven itself in all areas of application such as hospitals, schools, retirement homes or apartment buildings.

The Vapobloc benefits at a glance
  • Moisture Transfer in Winter

    Moisture is transferred through the special polymer membrane. The supply air is less dry and therefore provides for increased comfort.

  • Dehumidification during Air Conditioning

    Realizes energy savings, the refrigeration systems can be dimensioned much smaller.

  • High Heat Transfer

    Various sizes also allow optimum dimensioning for all ventilation units.

  • Water Vapor Permeable Membrane

    Allows only the transfer of water vapor molecules. Other media such as air, germs and bacteria cannot pass through.

  • Officially Certified

    Performance and hygiene are regularly certified by neutral institutions.

  • Does not freeze

    Since a large part of the humidity is transferred to the supply air, there is normally hardly any condensate that can freeze.

  • Savings in Humidifier Output

    The humidifiers can be smaller in size. The running costs for operation are considerably lower.

  • Minimum Maintenance

    Vapobloc is easy to clean and has no wearing parts.

Functional Principle

Water vapor diffuses through the membrane. In Winter the supply air is humidified, in cooling conditions dehumidified. Contaminants such as particulate, odors, germs and bacteria cannot pass through.

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