Next big challenge as an industry is the focus on low-carbon objectives, building sustainability, and changing climate change.

Pat Hanson, Founding Partner of gh3* Architects, Toronto
North Eastern Garage, Edmonton – CAN, 72 ACCUBLOC 1,250,000 m3/h (735,000 CFM)

Regenerative Energy Recovery

Our actions today are the foundation of tomorrow‘s world. In times of climate change, this means realigning our ways of thinking and living. Especially for the air-conditioning of buildings.

Polybloc has been building a better world since the 1980s. With regenerative heat exchangers that conserve resources. Since 2001, a completely new generation has been used here: the Accubloc®. Its ingenious design now achieves efficiencies of up to 90 %!

This is made possible by an innovative damper system. Instead of allowing the heat accumulators to rotate, the air currents are redirected. Periodically, one heat bank is charged while the other is discharged. And vice versa. This saves energy, ensures maximum efficiency and protects the environment!

The Accubloc benefits at a glance
  • Highest Efficiency

    Maximum energy savings and environmental relief with efficiencies of up to 90 %. No reheater necessary.

  • Integrated Control

    Modulated by 0 – 10 V signal.

  • Little Cross Contamination

    Very fast changeover for low exhaust air transfer.

  • Frost Resistance

    Due to the transfer of moisture to the supply air, freezing is hardly possible even at very cold temperatures.

  • Officially Certified

    Neutral performance measurement according to EN 308 by HSLU Lucerne.

  • Air Humidification

    The optional sorption coating transfers moisture into the supply air and thus ensures a comfortable climate in all rooms.

  • Easy Installation

    Dimensions exactly to the size of the air handling unit, no excess width. Removable storage according to VDI 6022.

  • Original Service
Functional Principle

The front storage bank is heated by the exhaust air, the rear bank conveys heat inside and cools down by the outside air.

After 20 seconds, the air flow is deflected. The previously heated stoarage banks are now cooled down.

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